Embark on a personalized journey of discovery with our bespoke travel agency – Eddyafa Travel, dedicated to crafting tailor-made experiences that unveil the enchanting beauty and rich cultural tapestry of Morocco.

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We are experts in Morocco travel, Morocco vacations and Morocco tours specializing in trips of any duration for private trips, either for groups small or large. Not only do we have an incredible local team with decades of experience and a genuine passion for travel, we also have the widest choice of travel options covering tours, holiday packages, customised trips designed to your preferences and more.

Eddyafa Travel gives you free holiday planning and personalised service. We invite you to enjoy the beautiful physical landscapes of our country, immerse yourself in our ancient Moroccan culture and unearth the explorer within. With so much to offer, Morocco awaits you.

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Discover Morocco in Style with Eddyafa Travel: Where Luxury Meets Adventure.


Bespoke Horizons - Your Tailor-Made Moroccan Odyssey

We believe in the individual touch, which is why when we start planning customized Morocco tours, we begin with listening to what you want to meet your specific interests and preferences. Perhaps you might like to combine a stay in the exotic western Morocco city of Marrakesh and take in all the astounding sights, or maybe you would prefer a leisurely trek among the majestic mountain regions of Morocco, or simply immerse yourself in a luxurious Moroccan riad where you will be treated like Arab royalty.

We design tours to provide a unique experience that is customized to your budget and interests. Customized Moroccan trips may include private tours, personalized itineraries, and immersive cultural experiences.

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Our Popular Packages

Travel through the spectacular High Atlas Mountain and discover the majesty of Erg Chebbi and Erg Chegaga dunes; the outstanding Moroccan Sahara where nothing exists but the undulating sand, the great sky, the moon, the stars and the silence. Plunging to the gorges and valleys, mountains and immersing yourself in the Berber nomadic life in an oasis. We also organise short and longer tours in the Atlantic Ocean coast and Mediterranean sea. Tailor made your tour if you are interested in:

  • Private Tours from Casablanca
  • Private Tours from Marrakech
  • Private Tours from Tangier
  • Private Tours from Agadir
  • Private Tours From Fes

To experience the adventure of a life-time, book one of our existing itineraries or simply ask us to customize your trip to suit your individual wishes.

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Choose Eddyafa Travel for an extraordinary journey through Morocco. We redefine luxury with personalized adventures, exclusive tours capturing Morocco’s essence, a focus on cultural heritage, and a commitment to world-class accommodations. Welcome to a world where travel dreams come to life – welcome to Eddyafa Travel.

Expertise and Personalization

Tailored experiences, guided by knowledgeable experts, ensuring personalized adventures for travelers.

Diverse and Exclusive Tours

Curated itineraries offer unique and exclusive exploration opportunities for diverse interests.

Cultural Heritage Emphasis

Immersive journeys spotlighting rich traditions, history, and heritage of vibrant cultures.

World-Class Accommodations

Luxurious stays in top-tier hotels, providing unparalleled comfort and hospitality worldwide.


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We offer special deals and packages for travel to Morocco. We provide a wide range of vacation packages, with discounts of up to 40% off the original price. We specialize in customized desert tours and offer solo traveler tours, couples’ tours, and small group tours. We provide discounted tours, including last-minute tours and holiday deals delivered by our qualified Morocco travel specialists. Another option would be organized tours and excursions with customized itineraries planned by our local professionals.

An enticing journey unfolds in Eddyafa's tour trailer, showcasing diverse experiences and breathtaking landscapes. Captivating visuals promise a seamless blend of adventure and relaxation, making it a top choice for immersive travel.

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Eddyafa Transportation's trailer promises a smooth ride with a luxurious and modern fleet. Punctuality, safety, and style shine, making Eddyafa the ideal companion for an enjoyable journey.

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This comprehensive trailer unveils Eddyafa's all-in-one travel experience. While a tad brief, it effectively showcases standard tours, tailor-made adventures, and top-notch transportation, positioning Eddyafa as a one-stop solution for diverse travel needs.

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