Sahara Desert 

Best Things to Do in Ouarzazate
Morocco's Little Hollywood

Ouarzazate, often referred to as Morocco’s Little Hollywood, is a city rich in history and culture. Known for its breathtaking landscapes, historical kasbahs, and as a gateway to the Sahara, Ouarzazate is a must-visit for any traveler. Here’s your ultimate guide to the best things to do in Ouarzazate.

Top Monuments and Historical Sites

Ait Ben Haddou:
Sunrise at Ait Ben Haddou: This UNESCO World Heritage site is famous for its stunning kasbah. Arriving at sunrise offers a peaceful experience before the crowds arrive, allowing you to fully appreciate its historical beauty.
Sunset at Ait Ben Haddou: While sunrise is serene, sunset offers equally mesmerizing views with the kasbah bathed in golden light. Both times provide unique perspectives and photo opportunities.

Telouet Kasbah
Located about 45 minutes from Ouarzazate, this kasbah is an architectural gem. Despite its ruins, the main halls and reception rooms reveal the opulence of its past. A visit to Telouet is a journey back in time to the region’s wealthy trading history.

Taourirt Kasbah
In the heart of Ouarzazate, this kasbah is one of the most impressive sights. It offers a glimpse into the lavish lifestyles of past leaders and is a perfect spot for history enthusiasts.

Must-Do Activities

Visit the Film Studios
Atlas Film Studios: The largest film studio in the world, covering 433,000 square feet. It has been the backdrop for numerous Hollywood blockbusters, including Gladiator and Game of Thrones. Guided tours are available to explore the sets.
CLA Studios: Located in the city center, this smaller studio is also worth a visit, especially for film buffs interested in the history of cinema in Ouarzazate.

Explore Fint Oasis
About an hour’s drive from Ouarzazate, Fint Oasis is a hidden gem. This palm-tree-lined oasis is home to traditional villages where life remains unchanged for centuries. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon here, with opportunities to dine at local eateries like Terrasse des Delices.

Quad Biking Adventure
For adrenaline seekers, a quad biking tour around Ouarzazate is a must. Explore desert tracks, ancient nomad caravan routes, and film sets while experiencing the thrill of riding through rugged landscapes.

Desert Tours
Starting your desert adventure from Ouarzazate is a convenient option. Join a tour that includes a night in a Bedouin camp in the Erg Chebbi dunes, providing an unforgettable Sahara experience with camel rides and stargazing.

Where to Stay in Ouarzazate

Budget Options:
Kasbah Tifaoute Guesthouse: Near Ait Ben Haddou, offering basic but comfortable accommodations.
Riad Dar Rita: Located in Ouarzazate, this riad is perfect for budget travelers with its cozy rooms and rooftop terrace.

Mid-Range Options:
Dar Kamar: A beautifully designed riad in a converted 17th-century guesthouse with spacious rooms and an in-house hammam.
Le Petit Riad: A family-run guesthouse with large rooms, an outdoor pool, and stunning views.

Luxury Options:
Le Temple des Arts: Each room is uniquely designed with a film theme. The hotel offers high-end amenities, including an on-site hammam and spa.
Kasbah Dar Daif: Known for its family-friendly environment, classic Moroccan design, and excellent service, this hotel also offers a beautiful pool and free upgrades.

How to Get There

By Car:
Renting a car is the easiest way to explore Ouarzazate and its surroundings. The drive from Marrakech to Ouarzazate is about 4 hours, passing through scenic routes.

By Bus:
Buses run by CTM and Supratours connect Marrakech and Ouarzazate. The journey takes approximately 5 hours, with multiple departures daily.

Ouarzazate offers a unique blend of historical charm, cinematic history, and natural beauty. Whether you’re exploring ancient kasbahs, enjoying a film studio tour, or embarking on a desert adventure, Ouarzazate has something for everyone.