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DayTrips from Agadir

There are certainly plenty of Day Trips from Agadir and activities to do while you are in Agadir city, Morocco. For that reason, we all want to find the best alternatives far from staying in the city and going to the beach or bargaining in Souk El Hed. In order to do so, you may want to seek for a day trip far from familiar activities and run away from the city to discover more great different sides of Agadir and Morocco. There are several special day trips to take from Agadir to discover Morocco and today we brought you the best of these day trips.

Paradise Valley

Located 58 km from Agadir, Paradise Valley is a great place to be especially for nature lover and to all visitors that look for more relaxing atmosphere and far from the hectic life of big cities. This is the most popular day trip from Agadir. Paradise Valley is a small oasis with a beautiful scenery that leaves its visitors speacheless. The oasis is filled with naural clear pools where you can swim, palm trees and a lot of cliff-jumping.

Souss-Massa National Park

This is the best easy day trip you can plan. The park attracts bird watchers and offers a serene escape from the country’s bustling cities. For birdwachers. You’re likely to see the greatest range of species in March and April due to migratory patterns. While you’re there, keep your eyes curios to see Bonelli’s eagles and peregrine and Barbary falcons and much more. Day Trips from Agadir to Paradise or national park.

Taghazout Beach

Located 19 km from Agadir, Taghazout beach is one of the main beaches Moroccan visits during summer, running from the heat of the south. Taghazout is a small village and it’s popular as a surfing spot. It attracts surfers from all over Morocco as well as tourists with its beautiful weather and high waves. Fishing is another popular activity practised by locals as well as tourists.  Day Trips from Agadir to Beach.

Day Trips from Agadir


Day Trips from Agadir

Another popular beach for surfing, very easy to reach from Agadir city. This village has an attractive red lighthousse. If you like sea food then this is where you can try a Moroccan seafood dish in one of the many good restaurants there, and it can be prepared straight from the ocean. Day Trips from Agadir to Imsouane.