While you’re visiting the fascinating Marrakech of  of the imperial cities of Morocco, be sure that you have more time for the rest three imperial cities. Fes, Meknes, and Rabat. All the four cities at one time have been the capital of the Kingdom of Morocco. 

For a great discovery and unforgettable adventure make sure you visit at least two of these cities (Marrakech and Fes are highly recommended). So, to help you with your trip, we have combined all the necessary elements to guide you to the historical path of Morocco’s Imperial cities. Imperial cities of Morocco.

The spiritual and cultural city of Morocco

Imperial cities of Morocco - Eddyafa Travel with style

Fes was the main capital of Morocco, a number of times, all started under the Marinid dynasty that was way back to the thirteenth and fourteenth century. The current capital city of Morocco is Rabat. Fes is divided into two parts Fes El Jedid the newer Medina, and Fes El Bali the cultural and historical center of the city, believed to be the largest pedestrianised area in the world. One of the first things that catches the visitor’s attention is the astonishing sculptural embellishments found on the buildings and the monuments.

The Medina is surrounded by an eight-kilometer long wall. It’s the heart of the city where you can walk with no cars around, thousand of alleys and forked streets packed with colorful souks and marvellous gates and all kinds of merchants.

 An endless row of Spices, foods, carpets…After diving into the Medina you can visit the world’s oldest university of Al-Quarawiyyin was founded as a mosque in 859 and later on became one of the leading spiritual and educational centers of the historic Muslim community. Al-Quarawiyyin still attracting Muslim student from all over the world to this day. Bou inania Madrasa another Islamic school that remarqued Fes history. It shows to its visitors the beauty and creativity of its architecture and while you’re in Fes let’s not forget about the remarkable Jnan Sbil Gardens; a place to relax and enjoy the beauty of Fes nature.  Imperial cities of Morocco.

Another historical, and cultural imperial city to explore

Meknes founded by the Almoravids but the huge wall and gates were built during the Alaouite dynasty. The architecture is spectacular, you can see the Spanish-Moorish style in the historical attractions. Meknes traditional heritage is unique and charming, therefore we suggest to start your adventure by visiting the small Medina which is much quieter than Marrakech and Fes and there is much less hassle. Narrow streets and alleyways are everywhere in Medina as well as local shops of carpets, coppersmiths, silk threads…Meknes also has several museums that are worthy to visit  such as Dar Jamaï Museum, Musée de Meknès. In the evening a Place el Hedim is a good spot to sit and watch the vibrant life of local people while you drink your Moroccan mint tea. For more adventure we suggest to travel-lovers to visit the most ancient ruins in all Morocco: Volubilis. 

The capital city 

Rabat has become the administration city of Morocco. It is where the parliament and most of the embassies are hosted also where the king of Morocco lives. Rabat is located in the mouth of the Bou Regreg River, became one of the beautiful modern cities in Morocco, the historical events helped Rabat maintain a strong cultural identity.

 One of the main attractions of visitors is Hassan Tower, the world’s second-largest mosque. Other must-see attractions are the glorious protective walls, and the spectacular Kasbah of the Udayas, try not to miss Pietri Square, the Rabat Medina, and the Bouregreg Marina. Enjoy the best of your travel experience with Eddyafa Travel, Rabat has a lot to offer from Modern to cultural historical sites. But your knowledge with our Proffesional Tour guide and collect valuable interesting information throughout of Morocco and its fabulous capital city. 

The charming red city

Marrakech the city of contradictions. It is where you discover the chaos and quietness, the world-wide-known city by its magnificent square Jemaa El Fna. It is a city that truly never sleeps, storytellers, snake charmers, food stalls all over the square. Start from the heart of exotic Medina to narrow streets, where the magic of Ali Baba happens, endless gateways, local shops full of carpets, crafts, spices, and much more. 

To run from the hassle of the Medina you can visit one of the most breathtaking Gardens of Marrakech. On the top of the list we have Majorelle Garden located in the new town and secret Gardens left in Medina. Marrakech is an endless mysterious and interesting discovery therefore tourists always try to come back and find more.

While you’re visiting these attractions, be ready to experience unforgettable memories. 

Imperial cities of Morocco

Imperial cities of Morocco