Top 5 Beaches in Agadir
Whether you prefer the endless expanses of fine, golden sand of Taghazout beach in Agadir, or the yellowish sands of Agadir beach itself, you will find your ideal beach in Agadir. There are beaches where watching people is more fun than swimming. There are Agadir beaches where families bring kids to frolic in the sand and warm surf and others where rip currents and underwater reefs make powerful waves only surfers can love. Moroccans love the outdoor life, which is why they are very welcoming and more friendly. Not surprisingly, they also love to head for the beach. Here are the best Agadir beaches. 
The Main Agadir Beach
Agadir, located in the southern Atlantic coast, Morocco. It has many breathtaking beach sceneries. Whether you’re alone or not and you look after a beach that has full facilities, with easy access to cafés, restaurants, resorts, hotels and boutiques while on the sand the main one would be Agadir beach itself in the heart of the city, it goes to nine-kilometer long. It is the perfect beach for your holidays. Five miles of long sandy beach offers fairly good jetskiing, fishing, beach volleyball, swimming, romantic walks and sunbathing, quad bikes, dune buggies, horse and camel rides. It has large spaces for different entertaining activities. Lifeguards patrol the beach year-round. For bike lovers they can follow the palm-shaded promenade to the large marina. There are plenty of resorts situated right on the beach so you’re only a few minutes from the sand at any time.
Taghazout and Tamraght Beaches
Located not far from Agadir city (25 km), Taghazout and Tamraght beaches are a quintessential Southern Agadir beaches and one of the most famous ones in Morocco 
These iconic beaches are long, with fine, soft, well-maintained golden sand. Taghazout beach is great for surfing, swimming, sunbathing, volleyball, and all other sports on the sand and in the water. You can rent lounge chairs and umbrellas, the beach equipment rental place and popular restaurants are everywhere. Watching the sunset from the pier is a must. You can bike from Taghazout Beach all the way to Agadir Beach. It is also a great spot for best surfing, you can also rent equipment and take the surfing lessons you’ve always wanted. 
Tamraght beach, known as the 25 kilometer beach, is much quieter and more laid-back than Taghazout beach. This where you can enjoy the picturesque views and listen to ocean waves crashing sound, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. There are great seafood restaurants you may like to try. 

Mirleft Beach

Located 129 kilometers south of Agadir. The beach includes three miles of magnificent sandy beach in a lovely cove, coastal cliffs, canyons inland, and quaint beach houses that are part of the Mirleft village. The beach is popular with skin divers, surfers and swimmers. Lifeguards are on duty during the summer season and patrol the beach the rest of the year. The beach is wonderful for long walks and exploring fascinating tidal pools. Horseback riders also enjoy the beach’s packed sand, and hikers can explore many trails. Most of the travelers who come here aren’t after a beach holiday. Many tourists and locals head here to learn to surf, with plenty of surf school operators offering lesson packages, as well as equipment rental.  Dogs and dog owners are happily sharing the Mirleft beach with surfers, and you do not have to own a dog to come and enjoy this lovely melting pot of people, and dogs. Dog owners are requested to clean up after their dogs and to make sure that their vaccinations are up to date. 
Legzira Beach 
Uncrowded and wild, Legzira beach is very different from the long expanses of fine powdery sand of the north. It is one of the most beautiful of the Agadir region beaches, surrounded by rugged cliffs and bordered by a long boardwalk that runs for more than a mile. The beach is covered by small, smooth pebbles polished by the sea to almost jewel beauty. Walking along the water and searching for tide pools, interesting driftwood and the most beautiful stones is a great way to spend the time on the beach. Sunset is the time to be here for the perfect photographs, when the jagged rocks glow orange in the fading light.
Agadir is one of the best coastal cities in north Africa and its beaches are reasonably well sheltered from the ocean winds, and kept both clean and safe by the moroccan authorities. 
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