5 Top-rated tourist places to visit in Marrakech

Marrakech is one of the top wanted cities to visit in Morocco, there is an endless list of places to visit and activities to do in the world wide known red city

best spots to discover in Marrakech


If you are planning a holiday in the kingdom of Morocco and you are  willing to visit the red city (Marrakech), then our article guide is here to help you to make the best plan for your amazing trip in Marrakech

Marrakech is located in the heart of Morocco, world wide known by its most exotic souks,  Djema’a El Fna square, small alleys in the Medina (the old city) where you can discover the beauty of Marrakech, multicolored carpets hanged everywhere, silk caftans, spices, antiques, pottery and jewelry and let’s not forget about the royal guest houses (Riads) and luxury hotels. 


The walled medina has attracted millions and millions of tourists every single year among celebrities, politicians, billionaires and the list goes on, they all fall under Marrakech charm. As a new visitor to the red city you need to know that Marrakech is not all about the medina and the unsleeping Djema’a El Fna square. With its vibrant days and nights Marrakech has more for its visitors. We have made a list of worthy places to help you decide your best spots to discover in Marrakech.


1. Djama’a El Fna:

The heart of Marrakech, where you can find women applying henna, snake charmers, storytellers, juice stalls and countless nightly food stalls. 


2.The Majorelle Garden:

Which belongs to Yves St Laurent. The garden is famous for its special shade of blue. Another stunning garden is Le Jardin Secret located in the north-west of the city, an islamic garden whose water channels are fed directly from Atlas mountains.


3.The Koutoubia mosque:

Located near Djema’a El fna square is worth seeing and wandering past, non-muslims are not permitted entry. The tower can be seen towering over the city. There is also a garden behind it which is worth a wander.


4.El Bahia palace:

El Bahia means beautiful, “the palace of beautiful”, the Quranic school, the Ben Youssef Medresa, they all used to house around 80 Quaranic students and all are worth a visit. 


5.Menara Gardens:

Located outside the center of the town. It consists of a huge square pool built by a Sultan in the 12th century. We can say it’s an oasis in the city. Once you’re in the garden you can feel the calmness of its nature. It is definitely an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city of Marrakech. 


Keep in mind that you can always tailor your itinerary to suit your specific schedule and interests.