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EDDYAFA Travel aims to give greater traveling experiences, powerful and meaningful. We create traveling experiences that open minds and invite guests to build a lasting connection with our home, Morocco. In this way travel can be more than tourism, it can be a unifying experience that makes the global feel a bit more local, and cherishes cultural diversity.


This is the meaning of EDDYAFA

As a leading provider of curated and authentic travels across Morocco and with a diverse team of travel experts, we have the experience and know how to design memorable trips custom-built around your wishes. We understand that the difference between a good trip and a great trip is attention to every single detail, as big or as small as it may seem, therefore, we work to give all our travelers the highest-level of personalized travel services and flawless execution. Our goal is to have a lasting positive impact on Morocco and the world through tourism. This starts with ensuring that our guests have the very best experience on the ground, but it doesn’t stop here. We are committed to hiring the best local talent and collaborating with partners that share our desire to play an active role in Morocco’s development. Our aim is to make the world a bit better every time someone travels with us. Want to know more? Get in touch with us. 



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We’re available for 8 hours a day! Contact to require a detailed analysis and assessment of your plan.

We offer a personal customized service from start to finish with our Morocco Travel experts on hand to help with everything. We can adapt any Morocco tour itinerary to fit special interests and budgets. Tell us about your vacation! How many people are you travelling with? All our Morocco Holidays are private and customized to your dates and needs. Our Knowledgeable and kind staff is standing by to respond personally to you within 48 hours.

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Morocco is renowned the world over for its alluring all-natural beauty, barren landscapes and the beautiful Sahara Desert, as well as breathtaking beaches running along the coastal cities of Agadir, Asilah and Essaouira.

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