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The White Camel Agafay – Luxury Lodges and Tents

The White Camel - Agafay

Marrakech, the most visited city in Africa, offers a wealth of attractions to its visitors, including historical monuments, rich culture, and luxury accommodations. Among these, The White Camel Lodges and Tents stands out as one of the premier experiences Marrakech has to offer. Nestled in the Agafay Desert, it boasts stunning views of the Atlas Mountains and is surrounded by the captivating rocky desert of Marrakech.

Before diving into the luxurious offerings of this camp, let me introduce you to Agafay. The Agafay Desert is a rocky expanse on the outskirts of Marrakech, situated at the foothills of the Atlas Mountains and overlooking the Oued N’Fiss River. What sets Agafay apart is its wide array of activities, including quad biking, buggy rides, camel rides, and much more. The White Camel Lodges and Tents in Agafay provide all these activities and more. In addition to accommodations and dining options, the camp features a spa and hammam resort.

The camp welcomes guests from all over the world, catering to those seeking luxury in the heart of the desert. What makes The White Camel special is that it delivers the same level of luxury found in the finest hotels within Marrakech.

In this article, I will explore what Agafay has to offer, including accommodation, experiences, activities, and dining.


The White Camel camp boasts over 45 luxury tents and lodges, each equipped with a private bathroom, shower, and air conditioning. The lodges and tents offer breathtaking views of the High Atlas Mountains and provide a tranquil atmosphere to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.
The White Camel

Experiences & Activities

The camp offers a variety of activities such as quad biking, buggy rides, and camel rides. Additionally, it organizes hiking experiences in Agafay for mountain enthusiasts. These activities are conducted by professionals and certified guides who prioritize your safety.

Restaurants & Dining

The White Camel Lodges and Tents camp features seven restaurants that cater to the diverse needs of its guests. These restaurant tents can accommodate hundreds of people and each has its own unique style and decoration. These large tents are also used for events such as birthdays, weddings, product launches, and team-building activities.
sunset at The White Camel agafay

Spa & Hammam

Having a spa or hammam in the middle of the desert is nothing short of miraculous. In addition to accommodation, dining, and activities, The White Camel Lodges and Tents offers an exceptional hammam experience. Guests can enjoy a traditional ammam or simply opt for the hammam service on its own. The spa resort provides a relaxation experience delivered by professionals, ensuring your stay in Marrakech is unforgettable.

In conclusion, The White Camel Lodges and Tents is one of the finest luxury camps in all of Morocco. Many famous celebrities have visited The White Camel, so why not you?