Outdoor activities in Agadir

Best Top Things to Do in Agadir

Top Agadir Activities & Excursions

You read up on the best places to visit in Agadir then this article contains all the answers to all the queries you may have in mind. You will be thrilled to find out about all the best activities you can enjoy, and attractions to explore in Agadir. 

Agadir is mainly one of the top coastal southern cities that tourists travel to visit in Morocco. This is the city of the “Perfect” weather. It is where you can enjoy the golden sand, warm water of the Atlantic ocean, and where you can let your skin absorb all the goodness of the sunlights. This Moroccan destination is loved by many people all over the world including Moroccans that find Agadir the best escape from the heat of the south during summer.

Agadir has its own international airport( Agadir Al Massira Airport), therefore many tourists fly directly to it from Europe. However, If your starting point is one of the big cities of Morocco such as Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier, Essaouia then the highway is the perfect option to reach Agadir city.


These are the main activities and places to do and visit in Agadir city:

Agadir Beach : This is the main fun and enjoyable place we all want to go to as an escape from our busy lives and far from the chaos of the industrial cities. Agadir has a long beach where you can relax, have a long walk on your own or with your beloved ones, and it’s where you can certainly dip in the ocean, it is totally safe and lifeguards are always on duty. You can also take a horse or a camel ride while you’re on the beach. If you are more adventurous you may want to go jet-skiing which is definitely possible in Agadir.

A day surfing : If you are a sport water lover then surfing in Agadir beach should be at the top of your list. There are many accessible surfing beaches in Agadir where you can find shops for renting all the necessary surfing equipment you need. Taghazout beach is perfect for this activity as well as Tamraght and Aourir beaches.

Souk El Hed : This is where you will find the local markets of many different products. ‘Souk’ means Market in Moroccan dialect. Many stalls are set out along Agadir biggest’s souk. To enter the souk you will enter from one of many big gates built around the souks; a beautiful start to discover the exotic items of the souk El Hed, Moroccan spices, fresh fruits and vegetables and much more. It’s where many local people buy their daily needs. You will surely find many items that you would be happy to take home as a souvenir. Souk El Hed reflects many aspects of Moroccan culture. This can be revealed through many small nuances; the way local residents bargain to buy products, the way they dress, talk and laugh, you can feel the great Moroccan energy in the air, therefore Souk El Hed is where you can get your dose of Moroccan Culture.

Agadir Birds Valley : One of the beautiful parks to add into your list while you’re planning your visit to Agadir. This is a zoo located in the center of the city. It is a great escape especially if you are with family and nurturing children’s curiosity in finding out the variety of the birds in the park; flamingos, parrots, swans and more. You can plan a half day picnic and enjoy your food under the shade of trees.

Agadir Crocodile Park: Yes, it is about Crocodiles, a great conservation project to protect Nile crocodiles. This is also a botanical park where you will discover a huge variety of species and plants. Agadir Crocodile Park is one of the ideal parks to visit as a nature seeker.

The Old Kasbah or Agadir Oufla: One of the fewest historical landmarks left after the earthquake that destroyed most of Agadir city in the sixties. Agadir Oufla was built in 1540 in order to protect the city from possible invasions. This is the perfect spot to see the entire Agadir city from the top.

Agadir is one of the main cities in Morocco that attract many tourists. The seaside, the hospitality of local people, and its many resorts are the perfect combination you need to spend time discovering this charming coastal city.